The Colour Thief – A touching story about discovery and sharing.

The colour thiefZot’s world has no colour at all. It made everyone sad. From his planet, he gazed longingly at all the colours on a distant planet. When Zot decides to take the colours for himself, the distant planet turns completely grey. Will he return the colours to where they belong? Will he manage to find a way to spread some colour back home?

Alborozo’s lyrical text is pleasant. The writing is clear enough that readers from very young children to those nearing the end of their picture book journey can appreciate it. The message is subtle yet powerfully written; that a little bit of kindness [or substitute other positive quality here] can go a long way.

The book is delightfully whimsical with a few highlights of quirk thrown in the mix.

The Colour Thief is written and illustrated by Gabriel Alborozo, and is published by Bloomsbury. You can ‘snatch’ a copy for yourself at: (See what I did there? Hardy har har…)

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