Rudie Nudie – a celebration of childhood innocence.

rnRudie Nudie, written and illustrated by Emma Quay, is one for those who embrace nostalgia. The rhyming text is about two little children who romp about in the nude, and embrace the opportunity to be silly and naked and not worry about anything but being a little kid. Nothing graphic is depicted in this text. The crayon-type utensil used to illustrate the story serves to further support the innocent feel of the text. The bubble motif is a reminder that this is fun and nothing untoward. Quay has also used a pastel palette, which is a little unusual, but works well here.

At one stage, we see the little girl roll around on a rug, just to feel the texture of it. Her brother seems to follow her lead, and at one stage they dance together. She also does a little naked pirouette. It’s all lightness and adorable.

This is not a thought-provoking or didactic story. Just lightness and innocence.

Rudie Nudie was an ABIA category award winner, and short-listed by the CBCA.

You can take a trip down memory lane at:

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